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Providing a solution which is both cost effective and time efficient, CGI allows your ideas to be rendered without creative limitations. Our team of professional artists have both proven and practical experience with various developments, including retail, commercial and residential.

Do not wait for the launch date before marketing begins, convert those concept sketches and design ideas into life-like 3D digital images.



3D visualisation and CGI techniques have revolutionised marketing and and concept presentation for a wide range of industries including architects, property developers, estate agents and interior designers.

Bournemouth and London based designers at WIZIO UK can take 2D concepts from sketches, literature, architectural drawings and even clients’ unformed ideas, and turn them into tangible images that can be adjusted to perfection.

One of the main advantages of CGI in marketing is the ability to represent a fledgling project at its completion, which obviously hugely improves the prospects of sales. It is also incredibly versatile, being used on property hoardings and marketing boards on construction sites, off-plan sales materials, brochures, advertising campaigns , web marketing, presentation stands and much more besides.

The use of an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image and matching photo backplate means the resulting 3D scene forms a unified composite image.

Another advantage of CGI imagery comes when seeking approval for planning permission. This process relies largely on decision-makers visualising a completed project, based on sketches, plans and perhaps, a model. Using CGI and 3D visualisation, the proposed building can be slotted into its environment, and shown at any stage in its development and maturity, thus allowing its impact and suitablility to be realistically and fairly assessed.

With any image, lighting is the key to its success. Using WIZIO 3D visualisation/ CGI, there is no need to wait for the perfect light conditions. Seasons can be synthesised, day or night illuminations created, highlights and shadows manipulated to suit the image. For ultra-realism, time-lapse animations can even track the movement of the sun and cast shadows relevant to time of day or year.

Of course buildings need to be set in an environment, but by their very nature, new-builds can have stark surroundings. Landscaping takes years to mature, and is dependent on weather and season, but this need not be a drawback when using CGI. The finished project can be realised using 3D modeling with mature trees and shrubs, water –features and whatever the architect feels will complement the property and make it ‘weather’ and settle into its environment.

Of course it helps to see how a project is going to integrate with the people who will be using it, and this all-important atmosphere is generated using high poly 3D models. This humanises developments, as well as adding an extra layer of realism.

One of the most impressive ways to introduce potential investors to a project is by using architectural fly-through animation. This virtual tour immerses the viewer in the created environment, stimulating the senses for the optimum experience, without leaving the office.


The exterior of a building is only half the story: WIZIO UK also produce detailed interior visualisation/ CGI for commercial and residential projects. Working closely with our clients, and utilising floor plans, mood boards, and sketches, WIZIO UK uses 3D modelling capabilities to conjour up highly realistic interiors.

Collaborators include; interior designers, shop fitters, property developers, hotel groups and architects.

Interior design is an art that relies not only on vision and imagination, but access to materials to fulfil the concept. That is where CGI and 3D visualisations come into their own. Using an extensive library as well as our own design skills, the possibilities are endless. The designer is not limitied to one concept or colour palette per room, but can present multiple options. Not only that, but mistakes can be rectified with ease, and revisions made without the cost implications.

What defines quality CGI is the attention to detail, and level of realism. In order to create believable interiors, WIZIO UK has refined its ability to create detailed texture map, with an advanced palette using your samples and references. Where necessary, we can photograph your sample and replicate it precisely.

One of the attractions of CGI is the ability to create mood and atmosphere with lighting. Emulating effects that photographers take great pains over, or capturing fleeting moments of nature put the heart and soul into the images.

Floorplans can be laborious to produce, but using CGI WIZIO UK can generate floorplans to complement the design package.

WIZIO CGI can also support your design team, or take responsibility for the design process if required.

The ability to move from room to room as if viewing a property or space for real is the magic of 3D animation. The realism of the images coupled with the use of viewing technology creates a unique and novel experience for potential buyers and investors.


Whether showcasing a new product or building a prototype, the most cost-effective way to bring your ideas to life is using CGI product visualisation. Compared with photography, CGI offers versatility and fast turnaround. There is not even any need for a live product, meaning the design, material, colour etc can be refined prior to manufacture.

When preparing an advertising campaign, the pack shots, point of sale materials, and presentations can all be created for a product launch, speeding up the whole process.

CGI works especially well when it comes to adding style and mood to packshot visuals to tie in with the rest of the company’s brand identity. The images are tailored to your requirements, and can be tweaked to perfection. The advantages over photography are the ability to present different colourways or textures for products using the exact same image. Studio and lighting set-ups are no longer required, saving time and money; keeping your CAD data on file means that extra visuals can easily be provided at a later date; all of this can be done pre-manufacture allowing opportunity to iron out any artwork issues with the packshot before launch.

With online sales continually increasing, buyers want the best information prior to purchase, and turntable animations provide just that. The product rotates 360 degrees, allowing all angles to be viewed, therefore creating a greater impact on the customer. Photorealistic 3D animation can also be used pre-manufacture as a sales tool, or to refine designs before bringing to the marketplace.

CGI is ideal for illustrating complex ideas simply, for example in product explodes, cut aways and cross sections. Internal workings, that are impossible to photograph can also be represented in photorealistic quality. This is particularly useful for technical manuals, marketing material, and product documents.

Another benefit of CGI and 3D imaging, is the ability to manipulate images, including ‘exploding’ a product to show its inner workings or component parts. This has all sorts of applications from instruction manuals to marketing materials.

We can produce a multiplicity of colourways to view at the click of a button. Using CGI techniques we can ensure that there is continuity between images. Configurable elements can also be added or removed seamlessly and with ease.

It is often more practical to use CGI to create an image of a product long before the product is manufactured. This can entice potential investors, as well as creating that buzz of excitement prior to launch.

The ability to create layered images without the requirement for manufactured prototype components is one of the huge advantages of CGI. Customising images and adding layers or details at a later date is another major plus point.

Of course, doing without the lengthy process of studio time also saves money. This is further demonstrated when adding or amending images to configurable assets.


Essential to design projects these days is 3D CAD modelling. WIZIO UK has the expertise to create top quality 3D models in parametric and polygon form using reference materials such as sketches, engineers’ drawings or the product itself. In order to make the finished image match the original design concept, our designers are able to replicate even the most complex surfaces using Parametric 3D CAD modelling.

Depending on the user requirements and timeframe, low and high poly modelling is the ideal way to create many different forms on a large and small scale, from animations to buildings to food and beyond.

One of the many processes involved in producing images is managing the data in the form of a co-ordinate reference system. This ensures that when each component is put together into the final composite image, that there is no missing data, gaps or overlapping surfaces.

The food industry is an area where 3D modelling comes into its own. We can create organic models with enough detail to withstand the scrutiny of advertising campaigns, pack shots and any other application.

In order to create quality CGI, the data needs to be clean and workable. Clients can provide us with their CAD data or 3D models that may either be corrupt or have missing components or otherwise unsuitable for augmentation. We then either clean or remodel the image before augmenting to the highest standard.


WIZIO UK have a great deal of experience when it comes to designing interiors, and bespoke furniture is an integral part of that.

3D furniture models can be created from many sources, from sketches, engineers’ drawings, reference materials, mood boards or physical products, and can be produced in both high and low poly form.

CGI is an incredibly effective tool for creating furniture configurations as pieces can be designed and perfected pre-launch without the necessity for manufacture. As with other CGI applications, additional pieces can be added at a later date, and complementary bespoke furniture can be created to complete the look of a room or series of rooms. The financial savings from this method of design are significant, and the photorealistic imagery means that there is no compromise on quality.


Any marketing campaign is image-led, and in order to convey your message, the images need to have impact.

CGI is an ideal way to make sure that your advertising sends precisely the right message. Concepts that require that something extra can easily be achieved – even the seemingly impossible.

The internet is an ideal forum for CGI, whether launching a new product or updating a website. It gives you the freedom of expression that is limited by other resources.

Social media updates require a fast turnaround, which conventional photography or graphics cannot be relied upon to provide. Connecting with followers and customers online requires readily available and easily updatable content as and when it is needed. Of course these images need to be eyecatching and top quality.

If your needs are connected with news trends or changing events and trends, then take advantage of tailor-made quickly adaptable CGI for a fast turnaround.

When 3D images are required, we can capture precise texture and detail in a high resolution scan. This is particularly compatible for use with organic products and people. These models can also be utilised in CGI projects.