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WIZIO-360 provides an interactive marketing solution that eliminates the need for physical environments. Your client’s PC, tablet or smartphone becomes your 24/7 worldwide showroom. Unimpaired by field of view or frame size, no detail is missed when showcasing your properties with 360° visualisations.

By ‘stitching’ several HD images together we form a virtual sphere, producing an endless, 360o view. WIZIO 360° provides a far superior representation in comparison to traditional, static 2D imagery.

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Working with browser

WIZIO-360 virtual tours are easy to view and they are compatible with multiple devices and browsers. By embedding virtual tours in websites, their URLs could be easily shared and displayed on a diverse range of platforms and operating systems including mobiles, desktops, tablets or Google Cardboard viewers. This could be extremely useful for real estate agents especially when they are holding online presentations for their clients.

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Working with mobile devices

In order to ensure a genuine virtual tour experience of a building or a property, WIZIO-360 is easily accessible through all kinds of smartphones. Unhindered by spatial and temporal limitations, this advantage comes in handy for realtors and property developers. That is, they can show their listings to their clients whenever and wherever they are since it is hard to imagine that someone does not own a smartphone nowadays.

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Share anywhere

Since they could be easily embedded in websites, links to WIZIO-360 virtual tours could be shared anywhere, anytime. Most importantly, sharing WIZIO-360 tours on social media serves as a great marketing opportunity for real estate and property development agencies.

This means a wider exposure and heightened visibility for their services and projects.

As links to WIZIO-360 tours could be shared anywhere, more and more people will be able to easily view them, particularly on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. With the rapid growth of social media usage, it is guaranteed that WIZIO 360 degree tours will reach out to millions of viewers around the world on a daily basis.