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The Future of Vision

Based both in London and Bournemouth, UK and owned by REDWHITE GROUP, WIZIO provides advanced marketing technologies to make your projects stand out. You can promote without the limitations of location, time or physical constraints and effectively pitch to a worldwide audience.

Combining market leading interactive digital platforms with computer generated imagery, WIZIO allows users to accurately visualize future properties and products providing them with the confidence to buy.

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Pushing the limits in marketing technology!


Carve out your own success story!

WIZIO offers a variety of services and products which help you embark on an unparalleled interactive marketing experience, thereby achieving your long sought-after growth and selling rates.

Standing out from the competition in your industry can be challenging. However, with WIZIO-CGI, WIZIO-360, WIZIO-VR and WIZIO+, carving out your own digital marketing success story has never been easier. Our extraordinary blend of innovation and the latest interactive technology is definitely your way forward!


Bring your concepts into reality in glorious 3D

Providing a solution which is both cost effective and time efficient.

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No longer be limited by 'reality'!

WIZIO 360 provides an interactive marketing solution that eliminates the need for physical environments.

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The future at your fingertips

WIZIO+ provides the perfect sales tool for both exhibitions and presentations.

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Discover the design, at every imaginable angle

Combining our interactive 360° platform and the VR headset, we create a unique experience.

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