Whether showcasing a new product or building a prototype, the most cost-effective way to bring your ideas to life is using CGI product visualisation. Compared with photography, CGI offers versatility and fast turn around. There is not even any need for a live product, meaning the design, material, colour etc can be refined prior to manufacture. When preparing an advertising campaign, the pack shots, point of sale materials, and presentations can all be created for a product launch, speeding up the whole process.

Packshot Visualisation / CGI
CGI works especially well when it comes to adding style and mood to packshot visuals to tie in with the rest of the company’s brand identity. The images are tailored to your requirements, and can be tweaked to perfection. The advantages over photography are the ability to present different colourways or textures for products using the exact same image. Studio and lighting set-ups are no longer required, saving time and money; keeping your CAD data on file means that extra visuals can easily be provided at a later date; all of this can be done pre-manufacture allowing opportunity to iron out any artwork issueswith the packshot before launch.

Product Animation
With online sales continually increasing, buyers want the best information prior to purchase, and turntable animations provide just that. The product rotates 360 degrees, allowing all angles to be viewed, therefore creating a greater impact on the customer. Photorealistic 3D animation can also be used pre-manufacture as a sales tool, or to refine designs before bringing to the marketplace.

Technical Visualisation / CGI
CGI is ideal for illustrating complex ideas simply, for example in product explodes, cut aways and cross sections. Internal workings, that are impossible to photograph can also be represented in photorealistic quality. This is particularly useful for technical manuals, marketing material, and product documents.

Product Exploded Visualsiation | CGI
Another benefit of CGI and 3D imaging, is the ability to manipulate images, including ‘exploding’ a product to show its inner workings or component parts. This has all sorts of applications from instruction manuals to marketing materials.

Product Colourways
We can produce a multiplicity of colourways to view at the click of a button, Using CGI techniques we can ensure that there is continuity between images. Configurable elements can also be added or removed seamlessly and with ease.

Product Teasers and Reveals
It is often more practical to use CGI to create an image of a product long before the product is manufactured. This can entice potential investors, as well as creating that buzz of excitement prior to launch.

Product Configurators
The ability to create layered images without the requirement for manufactured prototype components is one of the huge advantages of CGI. Customising images and adding layers or details at a later date is another major plus point.

Of course, doing without the lengthy process and expense of studio time also saves money. This is further demonstrated when adding or amending images to configurable assets.