The exterior of a building is only half the story: WIZIO UK also produce detailed interior visualisation/ CGI for commercial and residential projects. Working closely with our clients, and utilising floor plans, mood boards, and sketches, WIZIO UK uses 3D modelling capabilities to conjour up highly realistic interiors. Collaborators include;  interior designers, shop fitters, property developers, hotel groups and architects.

Interior Marketing Imagery
Interior design is an art that relies not only on vision and imagination, but access to materials to fulfil the concept. That is where CGI and 3D visualisations come into their own. Using an extensive library as well as our own design skills, the possibilities are endless. The designer is not limitied to one concept or colour palette per room, but can present multiple options. Not only that, but mistakes can be rectified with ease, and revisions made without the cost implications.

Detailed Material and Texture Creation
What defines quality CGI is the attention to detail, and level of realism. In order to create believable interiors, WIZIO UK has refined its ability to create detailed texture map, with an advanced palette using your samples and references. Where necessary, we can photograph your sample and replicate it precisely.

Lighting and Atmosphere
One of the attractions of CGI is the ability to create mood and atmosphere with lighting. Emulating effects that photographers take great pains over, or capturing fleeting moments of nature put the heart and soul into the images.

Floorplans can be laborious to produce, but using CGI WIZIO UK can generate floorplans to complement the design package.

Interior Design Support
WIZIO CGI can also support your design team, or take responsibilityfor the design process if required.

Interior Animation
The ability to move from room to room as if viewing a property or space for real is the magic of 3D animation. The realism of the images coupled with the use of viewing technology creates a unique and novel experience for potential buyers and investors.