Marketing Campaign Imagery
Much automotive marketing relies on aspirational imagery that can be challenging and expensive to realise in traditional formats. WIZIO uses CGI to make those concepts a reality, with quality that is consistent whether online or in print.

Photo Implementation with HDR
It may be that an exotic location is required for an ad campaign, but time or budget constraints make this unfeasible. WIZIO UK can seamlessly composite an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image with a desired backplate to create the impression of a location shoot.

Colourway Options
There is no need to compromise when it comes to choice of colour scheme, with custom palettes offering almost unlimited options.

Automotive Configurators
Creating automotive configurators using CGI has to be one of the most inspirational use of the technology. Long before the final product is launched, and without the need for prototypes, striking photorealistic marketing images can be produced. The added advantage over traditional methods is that new data can be added at a later date without high cost implications.

Data Prep
There are many steps involved in photorealistic rendering – the most important being the preparation of the 3D data set for visualisation. By optimising and fine tuning the 3D data duplicate surface data can be removed, organic objects can be remodelled, shadows and stitching details can be added.