Essential to design projects these days is 3D CAD modelling. WIZIO UK has the expertise to create top quality 3D models in parametric and polygon form using reference materials such as sketches, engineers’ drawings or the product itself. In order to make the finished image match the original design concept, our designers are able to replicate even the most complex surfaces using Parametric 3D CAD modelling. Depending on the user requirements and timeframe, low and high poly modelling is the ideal way to create many different forms on a large and small scale, from animations to buildings to food and beyond.

Model Construction
One of the many processes involved in producing images is managing the data in the form of a co-ordinate reference system. This ensures that when each component is put together into the final composite image, that there is no missing data, gaps or overlapping surfaces.

Organic 3D Modelling
The food industry is an area where 3D modelling comes into its own. We can create organic models with enough detail to withstand the scrutiny of advertising campaigns, pack shots and any other application.

Data Preparation and Clean Up
In order to create quality CGI, the data needs to be clean and workable.Clients can provide us with their CAD data or 3D models that may either be corrupt or have missing components or otherwise unsuitable for augmentation. We then either clean or remodel the image before augmenting to the highest standard.