Based in Bournemouth, UK and owned by REDWHITE GROUP, WIZIO provides advanced marketing technologies to make your projects stand out. You can promote without the limitations of location, time or physical constraints and effectively pitch to a worldwide audience. Combining market leading interactive digital platforms with computer generated imagery, WIZIO allows users to accurately visualise future properties and products providing them with the confidence to buy.We also offer character and game animations, we closely work with game developers and visualise the characters in the games and promotional animations for the finished projects.

Our Approach


Discuss the client’s projects, audience and objectives over coffee.
Understand the client’s needs.


Construct a project frame work : a scope of work outlining strategy, production and time.


Reflect the client’s objectives by bringing ideas and concepts to life.


Review and make final amendments. Develop, test, optimize, test again and deliver.

Photography vs CGI

With this short animation, WIZIO wanted to demonstrate the difference between using product photography and 3D product visualisation technology. As the variety of product marketing tools has recently seen a considerable increase, with the proliferation of new gadgets, now marketing materials are expected to be more than still images in order to make consumer products more comprehensible.